Developing funds for growing Christian work

Information for potential donors

If you wish to contribute financially to our cause, please download a gift form.

You may read a copy of the certification of the Genesis Charitable foundation as a tax-deductible charity by downloading a copy of our letter from the Australian Taxation Office.

You may confirm our current tax deductibility by visiting the Australian Taxation Office website and looking under ABN lookup, advanced search and search for "Genesis Charitable Foundation Trust".

Please note that gifts to the Genesis Charitable Foundation are tax deductible, while gifts to the Genesis Life Foundation are not tax deductible.

Gift Form (PDF)downloads: 650 | type: pdf | size: 42 kB
Gift Form (editable)downloads: 581 | type: doc | size: 28 kB
ATO Letterdownloads: 1881 | type: jpg | size: 212 kB